Favourite poses by Elma: the warriors

Warrior Pose These classic poses are the stable in any self-practice or class and are great to do every day. They work so well at the start of a practice because they get the whole body activated and the mind engaged. The three classic warriors and their many variations are great to start your standing asanas, great the morning or salute the end of the day.

The warrior poses are powerful postures, in Indian mythology. They recreate the deadly family quarrel in which Shiva’s wife Sati bursts into flames and dies when she renounces her family name and her husband avenges her death by creating a warrior to decapitate her father. Obviously these sorts of scenarios are not part of what we have to face in modern life but they tell us about the power of love humility and ego.  Following these postures, especially in sequence, works your arms, stabilises your balance and simultaneously stretches and engages your leg muscles.


These are the favourite poses by our lovely receptionist Elma. And what are your favourite Yoga Poses?

See you soon,

The Camyoga Team