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The Barre Comes to Cambridge

The Barre Comes to Cambridge!


Barre is the latest class to hit dance, pilates and yoga studios across the world. And there’s a reason why it’s proving so very popular – this unique workout combines elements of Pilates, yoga, resistance training and ballet into a highly effective regime performed on the mat and at a ballet barre. The technique utilises the body’s own resistance in conjunction with weights, bands and small balls. This can prove a fantastic complement to a regular yoga practice and, says Camyoga founder Louise Palmer Masterton, "you'll discover muscles you never even knew you had!" The repetitive nature of the contractions provides a meditative quality to the practice too.

The low impact, total body workout increases strength, toning the thighs, abdominals and sculpting the arms, whilst protecting the joints. Small isometric contractions are performed and integrated with an interval training approach that burns fat and improves cardiovascular fitness. Posture, flexibility, stamina and core strength improve. The result is a body that is realigned, rebalanced and works harmoniously and efficiently, hence the strong appeal this class will have for both yoga and pilates practitioners alike.

Stretches are performed after each strength section of the class to ensure the muscles are re-lengthened to create a body that is strong without the added bulk of other regimes. This workout is suitable for everybody as various modifications are given throughout the class to suit the abilities of all students. A fantastic way to supplement your yoga practice, whilst developing the grace and flow of a dancer! It's even suitable for beginners.


Try The Barre with professional dancer and certified Barreconcept teacher Amy Holly on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays at Camyoga. Click here to book online or call us now on 01223 847930.

Is Yoga Enough Exercise?

Is Yoga Enough Exercise?

149392912608676394_1AKk1RAu_fDoes your yoga practice alone keep you fit or does it form just part of a wider exercise routine for you? Whether yoga provides enough of a workout to form a standalone exercise regime is a hotly debated topic - a discussion which we would like you to take part in.

This Yoga Journal article from 2011 tells the story of John Schumacher, a student of B.K.S. Iyengar, who was convinced that his yoga practice provided him with a complete fitness regime. In fact, Schumacher was so convinced of this that he decided to scientifically prove it, signing up for physiological testing at a lab in Maryland, USA. Schumacher, aged 52, tested close to the top of his age group for maximum heart and exercise recovery rates, proving to be in excellent physical condition with only a 1% chance of cardiac arrest. In Schumacher's case, it seems, yoga was more than enough to keep him in tip top physical condition.

However, just because yoga worked in this way for Schumacher does not mean it will work in the same way for everyone. The variables, of course, lie in what exactly comprises a person's yoga practice. The style of yoga and how aerobically challenging it is, plus the duration and frequency of practice are all powerful factors. If you only practice Restorative Yoga, for example, you may need to take up running, rowing or another intense cardiovascular exercise to ensure your heart and lungs are getting the workout they need. Here's what our teacher Paul Fox has to say about the matter:

"Yoga is a "whole-istic" practice - it mobilises every major joint and stretches and strengthens every major muscle. In some classes the emphasis is very much on stretching, but strength is also important to develop balance the body. In ashtanga, flow and other  classes the heart rate will go up, promoting cardio-vascular fitness. But seldom will students reach the recommended maximum heart rates for exercise of 170-200 beats per minute (depending on age). It is for these reasons that yoga perfectly complements most sports, and why a cardio-vascular workout such as running, cycling or swimming can be a good complement to yoga to give people a more complete exercise regime."

Our Hot Yoga teacher Jozef Wiewel believes that yoga alone is enough:

"Yes, yoga can be enough exercise to keep you fit. It is a bit like water (or for that matter fire), it can safe your life and it can kill you. I guess it all depends a lot on how you do it when you do it. The frequency and intensity of your practise, the quality of the teachers and the way you care for yourself before, during and after yoga."


Is yoga enough exercise for you? What else do you do to keep fit? We want to hear from YOU so please join in the discussion by commenting below!



Join Paul Fox for a Hot Ashtanga Masterclass on Sunday 19th October. Spaces are filling up fast so book here to avoid disappointment.

Favourite poses by Elma: the warriors

Warrior Pose These classic poses are the stable in any self-practice or class and are great to do every day. They work so well at the start of a practice because they get the whole body activated and the mind engaged. The three classic warriors and their many variations are great to start your standing asanas, great the morning or salute the end of the day.

The warrior poses are powerful postures, in Indian mythology. They recreate the deadly family quarrel in which Shiva’s wife Sati bursts into flames and dies when she renounces her family name and her husband avenges her death by creating a warrior to decapitate her father. Obviously these sorts of scenarios are not part of what we have to face in modern life but they tell us about the power of love humility and ego.  Following these postures, especially in sequence, works your arms, stabilises your balance and simultaneously stretches and engages your leg muscles.


These are the favourite poses by our lovely receptionist Elma. And what are your favourite Yoga Poses?

See you soon,

The Camyoga Team