Gain the Mental Edge with a Daily Yoga Practice

The word yoga stirs up many images: the meditating guru, the tree-hugging hippie, and various other bendy types. Not often included in this list are: software engineer, university fellow, and domain architect. However, those are just the kinds of people adding regular yoga practice to their daily routine, at Camyoga, Cambridge's premier dedicated yoga centre. The mental and physical benefits of regular yoga practice are increasingly well documented. Doctors from the American College of Sports Medicine conducted research on yoga students, and found that 'yoga can dramatically heighten concentration, improve motivation, and alleviate stress and anxiety in as little as eight weeks' (ACSM 2007). Those who practice yoga regularly at Camyoga agree that by energising their minds and having a tool for stress relief, they are getting more out of their day. For these time-constrained working professionals, daily yoga gives them the mental edge.

Morning yoga gives you lasting physical and mental energy. Gunveer Mahandru, Domain architect for Cambridge Assessment, says this of his morning yoga practice, it is "An injection of super energy yet incredible calm, all at the same time, it equips me for whatever the day brings, good or bad." Of his morning yoga practice, Magnus Therning, software engineer at Citrix Systems says, "It means my mind gets time to wake up, without being immediately thrust from sleeping into the stress of work, while my body gets a full workout that not only increases the blood flow but also opens the joints. The end result seems to be that my mind is more still and more awake, while my body is comfortable in itself and relaxed."

Daily yoga increases confidence and relieves stress. Elizabeth Shermer, fellow at the University of Cambridge says, "I make it a point to have a daily practice because it ensures that I have a moment of solace in my very hectic days. I can think of no greater gift to myself because it allows me to step back, breathe, and let go. Practice always leaves me refreshed, empowered, and ready to get back to work."

The influence of yoga in Mahandru's life should not be understated. He uses it as a tool both professionally and personally. When asked why he makes time for yoga in his busy day, Mahandru says, "My way of handling it, all of it, the not getting fat, handling emotional challenges, using my brain to achieve professional excellence, finding happiness, all of it, I use yoga."

Why take the time to add yoga into your daily routine? Simply put, for those who practice, yoga gives them back even more time and productivity in their day. They are alert, calm, and ready to embrace the many challenges and gifts of life. Camyoga offers daily classes starting at 6:30.