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Win a 30 Day Unlimited Pass for Our New Shelford Studio!

Hot news, our Great Shelford studio will open on Friday 19th October! In celebration of the new opening, we are giving away three 30 day unlimited passes for the Shelford studio. There are 16 classes a week to choose from, in every style from beginners to Jivamukti.

This competition was also featured on Star radio today. Competition closes on Sun 9th Oct at midnight.

All you need to do is answer this very simple question: Where does yoga originate from? Is it: a. Africa b. India c. Russia

Please email your answer along with your name and phone number to: And you could win 30 days of free yoga!

It's Raining Yoga Classes!

If you find yourself always coming to the same classes and therefore not checking in with the schedule much, take a look at it this week and the weeks to come.  We have more classes cropping up all over the place in response to your need for more yoga options.  Check it out here We have added classes in time slots such as 07:30 - 08:30 before you go to work, 13:00 - 14:00 yoga for lunch, and 17:00 - 18:15 so you can be home for dinner.  But we are also adding in the evenings to alleviate some of our very popular classes!

We are hoping that our extra classes allow you to practice more and get more out of what you do.  Also check out our rotating masterclasses on Saturdays. These 2 hour classes are free to members and allow you to delve deeper.

New classes starting this week:

Tuesdays 17.00-18.00 Ashtanga Express with Howard Daly

Wednesdays 15.00-16.00 Yoga Open Level with Carole Bodalbhai This is available as a normal drop in, or free for members, and also available as a community class for £3 for unwaged people.

Thursdays 07.30-08.30 (note the later start time) Yoga Flow Open Level with Molly Altenburg

Thursdays 20.00-21.15 Iyengar Level 1 (beginners) with Michael Balshaw

Fridays 17.00-18.00 Hot Yoga Express with Jennifer Hersch.

Saturdays 12.00-14.00 from 24th Sept New Mastercasses every week....

There have also been a few time changes from this week: Weds Detox flow moves to 18.30-19.45 Weds Pilates moves to 20.00-21.15 Fri Jivamukti moves to 18.30-20.00

New classes starting in October:

Mondays 20.00-21.15 from Oct 10th Yoga Open Level with Louise Lloyd

Wednesdays 17.00-18.15 from Oct 5th Yoga Open Level with Louise Lloyd

Thursdays 13.00-14.00 from Oct 4th Yoga Flow Open Level with Nikki Davies



Kids Acro Yoga Class Starting Soon

Wednesday September 7 is our first kid's acro yoga class for ages 8 - 15.  This weekly class will be taught by Howard from 4:30 to 5:30.  Learn balances, tricks, and fun yoga postures.  This fun form of yoga is perfect for children, as they gain confidence, balance, fitness, and trust.  Children will engage in spotting and support as well as learning playfully challenging postures.

Kids of all levels and abilities welcome.  If you feel like your missing all the fun, come along to our adult acrobatic/partnering yoga class on Saturdays with Howard from 16:00 to 17:30.  Feel like a kid again. Sure to make you smile.

Partner/Acrobatic Yoga Class Starting Soon...

Bring a partner or fly solo.  This class will blend yoga, acrobatics, and some therapeutic thai massage. Partnering in yoga can build trust, playfulness, and fun.  Find support in inversions, backbends, and stretches.  Also learn to spot, assist, and fly someone yourself.  Through alignment and technique flying can be comfortable and therapeutic for both parties.  Our resident man of steel, Howard, will be teaching you the ropes every Saturday at 16:00 starting July 30.

If you are curious, come check it out!  Many people will be new to this fun and exciting practice. Be prepared to play...

Get to Know a New Camyoga Student

Every month we will have a "get to know section" of the blog where we find out a little bit more about a student or teacher.  It's a way to learn more about the people you see in the studio and on the mat next to you.  This month we get to know Marion Poerio, a new student to Camyoga, who has found her way to us after discovering yoga at LaFitness.

Name: Marion Age: 24 Occupation: Teacher


What brought you to yoga?

I ‘found’ yoga about five months ago after going through a pretty bad time in my life. Like most people, I found myself living in the fast lane without pausing for breath and inevitably burned myself out. Yoga was always something I had wanted to try, perhaps for the wrong reasons (“I want to do the splits”, “I want to lose weight and not have to put too much effort in”, “I want to be one of those cool people that ‘do yoga’”), so I seized the day and went to a class. At the risk of sounding overly dramatic, that day was a massive turning point.

Yoga has changed my life. It has helped me to re-balance and centre myself, to become more accepting and forgiving, to reacquaint my mind and body, to be gentle and kind to myself, to smile through the pain, to make friends with my inner critic, to discover the power of the breath. And these are just some of benefits it has had on my mind. The physical benefits are also miraculous. If I continue I’ll never stop…

What do you do when you are not doing yoga?

As I’m still in the process of recovery, I’m not currently working as a Primary school teacher like I was beforehand. So on the rare occasion that I’m not immersed body, mind and soul in yoga, I am either nose deep in a good book (so many books, so little time), working on my proofreading course or trying (I repeat; trying) to write a novel. I also practice mindfulness meditation on a daily basis which ties in perfectly with yoga.

What is your favorite yoga pose and why?

This is like asking a mother which of her children is her favourite. I couldn’t possibly choose. However, I find both the mountain pose (Tadasana) and greeting pose (Namaste) incredibly powerful. Standing in Tadasana creates such a stable energy that roots you to the earth, while Namaste channels grace and gratitude and encourages a sense of inner peace that is truly uplifting.

What is your least favorite yoga pose and why?

I try not to dislike any yoga pose; negative energy really doesn’t have a place in the ethos of yoga. Of course, there are those poses which are more challenging (some actually seem impossible) but these poses more than any, need to be the ones that I embrace and learn to love. It is so tempting to dislike the yoga poses you find difficult but I am trying to silence my inner critic, listen to my body, and let it ease itself into those poses when the time is right. Smiling always helps too!

What is one quality you have taken off the mat and incorporated into your daily life?

Balance. Love. Lots of love. Sorry, that’s two.

An interesting fact about me that you may not know is…

... I can make roses out of paper napkins. Not quite on a par with turning water into wine but at least it looks pretty.