Look at what you accomplished!

Camyoga meet charities delegates We want to express our gratitude and appreciation for your participation in our Donation Weekend which took place in January. The event was a big success and together we managed to raise over 1200 pounds which will go to the Arthur Rank Hospice, Camfed and Women for Women charities. We prepared two brief interviews, one with Donna Talbot, Fundraising and Marketing Manager from Arthur Rank Hospice and Sarah Fearnes, Development Assistant from Camfed to give you a little insight about what the charities do and what will be achieved thanks to the money raised by our Camyoga clients. Another big thank you to Camyoga teachers who donated their time for the cause and made it possible for the Donation weekend to be such a success.

Interview with Dona Talbot Interview with Sarah Fearnes

See you all soon around the centres, The Camyoga team x