Take it to the next level! Join our teacher training!

Have you been thinking about taking your practice to the next level and becoming a yoga teacher? You will be pleased to know that our Yoga teacher training and Foundation courses still have a couple of places left.
Louise Lloyd, whom we are sure we don't have to introduce, is excited to meet you and your fellow yogis during training sessions:
"I am really looking forward to starting this year's TT and FC - always fun to see inspired students working and learning together. It is so great to watch the FC students delve deeper into their yogic experience and also seeing the next generation of teachers evolving throughout the TT course."
Those hesitant because they feel they are not quite "there" yet may be relieved to know that Yoga training, like yoga is about more than just flexibility and strength.
We caught Berverley Nolan in the cafe during her two day Pregnancy Yoga teacher training course, who made it clear that its not all about those very impressive poses you see in magazines:
"it is not about your ability to do crazy asana, but about your commitment to your practice and being part of a supportive student group. It is an holistic learning experience which prepares you to guide others."
So do you have the passion to take it to the next level and share the experience and joy of yoga with the world?
Talk to us about signing up !
See you soon