Autum time: transformation time

Many say this month is the the month of transition: there is change in the chilly bite of the air, in the rich colours of the autumn leaves, and in our lives.





Autumn brings us the opportunity to meditate, to ground ourselves, and to rediscover who we are.

Camyoga's weekly Sunday meditation classes help us to take the time to explore these transformations in the company of like-minded yogis.

These 5:30 pm weekly classes go through a monthly cycle: on the first Sunday of the month we have Yoga Nidra with Beverley Nolan. On the second Sunday there is Mindfulness with Anna Jackson. On the third Sunday Beverley offers guided meditation. Classes on the last Sundays of every month are dedicated to chanting and meditation with Mark Stevens.

Come, join us. After all, trying something new may be what this October could be about ;)