Vegan Celebration

As part of vegan month, we are organising a vegan celebration on the 1st December, hosted by Mark Stevens our Jivamukti teacher. As part of the evening, Mark will present a film followed by discussion on modern-day veganism. The gourmet vegan feast will be cooked by Cambridge's leading vegan chef, Sam Dyer. Since the date is approaching quickly, we encourage you to secure your place.  You can book on our website under special events.

Continuing with our discussion about the benefits of veganism let us explore the topic from a different angle.

One of the most clear and perhaps utopian arguments for going vegan is the so-called 'goodness argument'. The central question of this argument is : What are the consequences of eating animals?

If we were to act so as to increase the amount of goodness in the world, we must consider that raising and killing animals for food is cruel and so reduces the total amount of goodness. In an utopian way, this argument proposes that if everyone was a vegetarian, there would be no demand for meat, and therefore the no one would raise and kill animals for food. Consequently, if everyone was a vegetarian, the total amount of goodness in the world would be higher.