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Get to know Camyoga Teacher, Rachael Moore

Get to Know Camyoga Teacher: Rachael Moore

Rachael Moore

Name: Rachael

Age:  38

Occupation: Mum and yoga teacher

What brought you to yoga?

As with many people, I first came to yoga as many people do, to help combat 'stress' as a result of my job. I worked as a speech and language therapist for children with profound medical and learning difficulties and although hugely rewarding, it was also at times highly emotional and stressful. Yoga helped me find a way to deal with the challenges I faced in a calm and grounded manner, reacting to situations in a more balanced way.

As a teacher what is Yoga about and not about?

Oooh how long have you got!!!! It is probably easier for me to say what I personally think it is not. Yoga is not about being the best in the room, yoga is not about being competetive (even with yourself), yoga is not always the glossy images you see in the magazines, practising yoga, does not  mean that you no longer experience hardship or tough times (unfortunately). The practice of yoga is far greater and deeper than all of that. Yoga gives you the tools for everyday living, it helps you on every level of your being. Yoga releases your tired stiff body from sitting at a desk all day helping you re-find that childhood softness and agility. In helping you re-claim physical flexibility, this flexibilty then leads to greater flexibility in the mind and how we react to life situations off the matt. It leads you towards a truer more honest you! Wherever you are in your life, yoga can be there for you . It can transform the body physically, energeticly and emotionally. It can energize, detox, heal and nourish you . It can be a soft landing when you fall.

What do you do when you are not doing yoga?

Being mum to my three gorgeous daughters and being taken for a walk by my two huge labradoodles Molly and Floss! What is your favourite yoga pose and why?

Wow! It's almost impossible to choose one as depending where I am on any particular day will determine my favourite pose!. Generally though, I absolutely love and standing balance, especially Natarajasana for its openness and grace and Garudasana for that beautiful feeling of opening up the shoulders.

What is your least favourite yoga pose and why?

I know it sounds cheesy and a bit of a cop out, but I really don't have a least favourite pose. If pushed though, I probably shy away from strong core work a little more readily than I should do!

What is one quality you have taken off the mat and incorporated into your daily life? Patience

An interesting fact about Rachel that you may not know is:

I used to do synchronized swimming as a teenager!!

To book into Rachel's classes click on link


Insabina Retreat: Book Now for £100 Off

It is not too soon to be thinking about longer days, the relief of warmer weather, and summer holidays. In Sabina yoga retreats are just around the corner. For a limited time we are offering  £100 Off either week. You can join Louise Lloyd and Mark Stevens in week one, or Howard Daly and Pilar Carrillo in week 2. Dates are: July 28, 2012 - August 11,  2012 This retreat is an all inclusive life changing week at one of the most gorgeous retreat centres in the world. A mix of Yoga, breath work, therapies and meditation.

Everything at In Sabina is perfectly arranged with taste and style and with yoga in mind. There are seven acres of lush grounds comprising a natural spring, gardens, pond and swimming pool amidst a tranquil and rustic setting. The surrounding area is unspoilt farmland, and the house and grounds are peaceful and quiet. There are two yoga spaces for yoga and meditation, an indoor yoga studio, and a magnificent 15 x 10 metre architect designed covered outdoor wooden platform, which sits in the valley surrounding by verdant unspoilt nature. The food is a highlight of the holiday, three meals a day of beautiful vegetarian food in abundance prepared by a specialist vegetarian chef. All adding up to the perfect environment for a yoga holiday.

Why not take a look at a video clip of Louise Lloyd teaching in In Sabina last year?

Families are welcome and for more info and booking click here

Yogitoes Prism

We now have in stock the Yogitoes Prism skidless towel.  It is made from 50% recycled polyester and has beautiful brilliant colors to radiate and represent the chakras. This towel aims to be about an elevated state of consciousness. So yes, it is good to sweat on and it is also good for the environment. And at the forefront of this campaign is Yogi, Brock Cahill.  Looks like it will not only work for hot yoga but just about anywhere. We still have in an assortment of other colors in the Yogitoes Skidless towel.  Check the Prism out next time you are in the cafe...

Handy Handstand Wall Tricks

Adho Mukha Vrksasana (downward facing tree) is most often known to us as handstand. There are some clues for us in this image of the tree to bring us into handstand. Imagine growing strong roots down into the ground and lengthening up through the body with a strong core. Handstand in the middle of a room can be a bit daunting.  Find your footing first at the wall. Going upside down can be an empowering experience as you build strength and confidence.  In order to move your Handstand away from the wall, practice engaging the core and taking the sway out of the low back.  With all things yoga...practice, practice, practice.

Take a look at the video below for some tips on kicking to the wall and then building strength once you are there.  Enjoy and have fun!!

Kids Acro Yoga Class Starting Soon

Wednesday September 7 is our first kid's acro yoga class for ages 8 - 15.  This weekly class will be taught by Howard from 4:30 to 5:30.  Learn balances, tricks, and fun yoga postures.  This fun form of yoga is perfect for children, as they gain confidence, balance, fitness, and trust.  Children will engage in spotting and support as well as learning playfully challenging postures.

Kids of all levels and abilities welcome.  If you feel like your missing all the fun, come along to our adult acrobatic/partnering yoga class on Saturdays with Howard from 16:00 to 17:30.  Feel like a kid again. Sure to make you smile.