You're Only As Young as Your Spine is Flexible

I am not the first person to say this and I certainly won't be the last.  We all know that feeling of freedom when our spine is limber.  And many of us know the crippling feeling of an injured, strained, or stiff back as well.  There seems to be a connection between the health of our spine and how old we feel.  Which would make yoga the fountain of youth.

While I was watching mini yogini, Aya, with her effortless back bends, this idea really hit home.  Flexibility is freedom.  Flexibility is fun.  And when we are young, we hardly know otherwise. Watch a child breathe, she uses her belly.  Watch a child move, she is unstrained and free.


Poses, like cobra, will strengthen the muscles of the back.  Boat pose and other core work will protect the spine.  Camel and wheel will deepen our back bends. As we all age, let's embrace the health of our spines and see just how young we can feel.