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Breathe In Yoga, Breathe Out Peace!

Breathe In Yoga, Breathe Out Peace


If you've seen the posters or read our newsletter, you'll know that Andrea Kwiatkowski's next extended and themed Jivamukti class on Saturday 22nd June is in support of the AZAHAR Foundation and their Yoga For Peace Yogathon. We're sure you're keen to learn more about this wonderful cause and how you can play you're part in the Yogathon, so read on...

What Is the AZAHAR Foundation?

AZAHAR Foundation is a not-for-profit international organisation that promotes cross-cultural communication and non-violent conflict resolution through Yoga and the Arts. As a result of the foundation's programmes, hundreds of children and young adults have been able to experience the healing benefits of yoga, developing the mindfulness and empathy necessary to heal from cycles of violence and trauma. The foundation's educational and leadership training programmes instill renewed confidence in young adults, enabling them to succeed in school, the workplace and to become leaders in their community.

How the Yogathon Works

We are all witnessing the power of Yoga every day. Their vision is to bring this wonderful tool to many more people in particular to disadvantaged youth in conflict affected settings.

Breathe in Yoga – Breathe out Peace: We hope to unite yogis across the world to practice one class together in the spirit of World Peace. It is an exciting opportunity for global yogic connectedness!

The aim of the event this year is to raise $ 20.000 for the peace work of AZAHAR Foundation: broadening access to Yoga classes in Cambodia and the organization of our first Yoga Leadership Camp.

On the Day

We will be encouraging people to donate to AZAHAR at both centres over the weekend and will be making a contribution from Camyoga as well. The cafe is open before and after the workshop serving lunch, snacks, juices, smoothies, coffees and teas. Andrea is also hosting an Asana posture workshop after this masterclass, we do hope you can join us.

480Discounted prices are available for students booking both Andrea's masterclass and the Asana posture workshop, and Gold and silver peak members booking the Asana workshop get the masterclass included. Find out everything you need to know here. More info on AZAHAR here –

Kids Acro Yoga Class Starting Soon

Wednesday September 7 is our first kid's acro yoga class for ages 8 - 15.  This weekly class will be taught by Howard from 4:30 to 5:30.  Learn balances, tricks, and fun yoga postures.  This fun form of yoga is perfect for children, as they gain confidence, balance, fitness, and trust.  Children will engage in spotting and support as well as learning playfully challenging postures.

Kids of all levels and abilities welcome.  If you feel like your missing all the fun, come along to our adult acrobatic/partnering yoga class on Saturdays with Howard from 16:00 to 17:30.  Feel like a kid again. Sure to make you smile.

You're Only As Young as Your Spine is Flexible

I am not the first person to say this and I certainly won't be the last.  We all know that feeling of freedom when our spine is limber.  And many of us know the crippling feeling of an injured, strained, or stiff back as well.  There seems to be a connection between the health of our spine and how old we feel.  Which would make yoga the fountain of youth.

While I was watching mini yogini, Aya, with her effortless back bends, this idea really hit home.  Flexibility is freedom.  Flexibility is fun.  And when we are young, we hardly know otherwise. Watch a child breathe, she uses her belly.  Watch a child move, she is unstrained and free.


Poses, like cobra, will strengthen the muscles of the back.  Boat pose and other core work will protect the spine.  Camel and wheel will deepen our back bends. As we all age, let's embrace the health of our spines and see just how young we can feel.