Camyoga at the London Yoga Show!

Yogis flocked to Louise Lloyd's and Mark Stevens' classes at the London Yoga show last weekend.  The vibe was upbeat as people from all over joined in the sharing of yoga.  Camyoga and Yogiwear were there all weekend spreading the word on Cambridge yoga!

Michael Gannon, having finished his amazing workshops at Camyoga, was there giving instruction on finding the ever elusive bandhas.  He demonstrated his bandhas at work with a pick up and lift into handstand!

An inspiring and intriguing collection of booths and retailers kept everyone milling about for the weekend. The Yogathon on Saturday had yogis doing sun salutations for nearly three hours!  Camyoga teacher training student Marion Poerio raised money for the rainforest with her yogathon contributions. Well done.

Look for Yogiwear's new collection in Camyoga coming soon. Looking forward to seeing everyone at next year's yoga show.