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Yoga Stops Traffic Videos

Yoga Stops Traffic Videos

Did you miss the global event, Yoga Stops Traffic?  Take a peak at the Camyoga students doing their part in 108 sun salutations.  We raised money for the charity, Odanadi Seva Trust in an effort to stop human trafficking in India.  Thank you to all who donated money, time, and sweat.


Yoga Stops Traffick Tomorrow!

Help us put an end to human trafficking in India with the global event, Yoga Stops Traffick.  All monies donated go to the Obanadi Seva Trust. Camyoga is one of many studios around world that will be partaking in this event.  Unroll your mat and join in 108 sun salutations to raise money and awareness. The event kicks off at 2pm and you can join in or just come and watch or donate.  All are welcome. Check out some pictures of the preparations in Mysore.  The salutations will be led by Obanadi residents at the Mysore Palace:

Donation Day Raised Over £1000!

Our first donation day of 2012 was a huge success.  We raised more money than we ever have before to give to our charities. Thank you to everyone who came out and gave generously.  We hope you enjoyed the full day of fantastic classes all by Camyoga teachers donating their time.  The day finished with a fantastic satsang with Mark Stevens.

All the money you gave is going directly to Camfed, Arthur Rank Hospice, and Freedom from Fistula.

Did you try the cupcakes?



Camyoga Announces Donation Day Third Charity: Camfed

The First Donation Day for 2012 is coming up soon.  Right after the new year we will have a full day of classes all by donation.  Mark your calendar for this event on January 7.  We had posted our first two charities: Circus Starr and Freedom for Fistula.  We sought your input for our third charity.  With your suggestions we decided on Camfed. Camfed's Mission:

"Camfed fights poverty and HIV/AIDS in Africa by educating girls and empowering women to become leaders of change. Our goal: To improve the lives of two million children by 2013."

Thank you all for your suggestions and we look forward to seeing you at our donation day!

First Donation Day of 2012 at Camyoga

We have just put our next donation day schedule together for the new year.  Please join us on January 7th 2012 for a full day of classes all on a donation basis.  All monies will be given to charity.  This day's donations will be going to Circus Starr (Arthur Rank Hospice) and Freedom for Fistula, as well as one more charity which we haven't chosen yet.  What are your thoughts for the third charity?  We would love to hear. Check out the full day of classes!

Studio 1

10am – Beginners Flow – Rachael Moore

11.15am - Acro yoga – Howard Daly

12.30pm – Ashtanga Introduction – Emma Lindsay

1.45pm – Yoga open level – Anna Jackson

3pm - Restorative Yoga - Anna Jackson


Studio 2

8.30am – Ashtanga – Howard Daly

10am – Detox Flow – Louise Lloyd

11.15am - Yoga Open Level - Nikki Davies

12.30pm - 1.45pm – Hot Yoga – Jennifer Hersch

2pm - 3.15pm – Hot Yoga - Pilar Carrillo

3.45pm – Jivamukti – Mark Stevens

5pm – Satsang – Mark Stevens

"No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted."