Camyoga Donation Day August 13th

Saturday August 13 is Donation Day at Camyoga.  We are donating all money to three wonderful charities, some close to home and others global.  The teachers will be donating their time.  Here is where your donations will go:

Arthur Rank Hospice Charity Providing specialist palliative care in Cambridgeshire

Tiba Africa Foundation Helping to reshape communities and the lives of individuals in Kenya through transformational breath.

Peace Boat an organisation directly involved in the Japanese earthquake relief.

You just simply make a donation and can attend as many classes as you like. Everyone is welcome, and it is a great opportinuty to introduce new people to the centre, or to try out new classes you have been wondering about! The cafe will be open all day.

Here is the schedule:

  • Studio 1 10am Beginners yoga - Rachael Moore 11.15am Pilates - Howard 12.30pm Nia - Nicola Price 1.45pm Kids yoga - Howard 3pm Acro yoga - Howard
  • Studio 2 8.30am Ashtanga - Howard 10am level 2/3 flow - Pilar 11.15am detox open flow - Louise Lloyd 12.30pm Restorative yoga - Beverley 1.45pm Beginners yoga - Nikki Davies 3pm Jivamukti - Mark 4.15pm satsang - Mark

Please spread the word..........