Compliment Your Health: Therapies and one to ones

Complimentary health is more than what the doctor ordered.  It is about thriving rather than just surviving. The body, mind, and breath link together in such a way that when one is impacted, all are impacted. As you know, yoga is more than just fitness, it is a part of wellness.  At Camyoga we offer therapies and one to ones in several modalities to support your wellbeing.

Shiatsu with Ellie Coats

This massage takes advantage of the bodies pressure points and can be used to alleviate stress, and to heal. Ellie works with many athletes in training, injury, recovery, and rehabilitation.  She also teaches our Yoga for athletes class.

Thai Massage with Howard Daly

Deeply therapeutic and relaxing massage. In thai massage, your body is taken in to yoga-like positions so you get the added benefits of a deep stretch.  Howard also teaches our ashtanga, mysore, pilates, and acro yoga classes.

Transformational Breathing with Louise Palmer

Learn this amazing breath technique to bring about fast and effective transformation in your life. Longtime teacher and yoga practitioner, Louise teaches this life-changing breath technique that you won't find in a yoga class.

Yoga with various teachers

You, your mat, and hands on adjustment. Yoga one to ones are great for those new and experienced in their practice.  Many of our teachers are available for yoga one to one's.

You can book any of these therapies here