Music to Your Mouth

Camyoga is happy to welcome Sam from Mouth Music Catering.  She has been whipping up vegetarian delicacies for the Cambridge area and now we get a bite of the action. Sam's catering is contemporary, fresh, and imaginative, not to mention delicious.

"We'd like first to dispel a pervading myth... Vegetarian food is not just about vegetables. Or tofu. Or lentils..."

It's all about the food, but not just how it looks on the plate.  It's about how and where it was grown, the packaging, and how it gets to your plate.  Mouth Music Catering is a business with the big picture in mind. And here at Camyoga we like to support mindful practices.

We hope you will stop into our cafe, or stay after class, and take time to enjoy food that was made with care and love.  We are always serving our Illy coffee, yogi teas, and fresh juices as well. om nom nom...