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New Juices and Smoothies: Amazing Maca and More

Camyoga's Dandelion Cafe has unveiled there 2012 menu with a whole new array of juices and smoothies. You will recognize some familiar favorite's such as heart-beet juice (beetroot, apple and ginger) and Pilar's detox juice (apple,cucumber, mint, and ginger). But you might not be expecting the Green Gremlin (mixed berries, banana, and organic spirulina) or the Breakfast Booster (banana, strawberry, organic maca, and hemp protein), two new smoothies.  I had the breakfast booster twice last week and felt great in the mornings.  Maybe it's the maca? Maca is a Peruvian root vegetable that packs a punch of energy and nutrients.

You can now pep up any of your juices and smoothies with a boost: Echinacea or Ginseng for 50p & wheat grass, spirulina, hemp protein, maca, omega oils, or superfood for £1

There are many new juices and smoothies to choose from, check out the full menu in Camyoga's dandelion cafe. All smoothies are made with low fat cocunt milk and agave syrup. Here are just a few:


Allergy fighter: apple, pear, & melon

Immune booster: grapefruit, orange, ginger, & liquid echinacea

Kidney cleanser: apple, & melon

Energiser: carrot, apple, ginger


Tropical: banana, mango, & a dash of lime

Summer Banana: strawberry & banana

You can always get creative and make your own!

And in case you didn't know the entire month of January our wheat grass shots are only £1.50 and fresh juices £3


Music to Your Mouth

Camyoga is happy to welcome Sam from Mouth Music Catering.  She has been whipping up vegetarian delicacies for the Cambridge area and now we get a bite of the action. Sam's catering is contemporary, fresh, and imaginative, not to mention delicious.

"We'd like first to dispel a pervading myth... Vegetarian food is not just about vegetables. Or tofu. Or lentils..."

It's all about the food, but not just how it looks on the plate.  It's about how and where it was grown, the packaging, and how it gets to your plate.  Mouth Music Catering is a business with the big picture in mind. And here at Camyoga we like to support mindful practices.

We hope you will stop into our cafe, or stay after class, and take time to enjoy food that was made with care and love.  We are always serving our Illy coffee, yogi teas, and fresh juices as well. om nom nom...

Start Your Morning Right

When breakfast looks this good it's hard to skip the most important meal of the day. Come in early for class or stay late after Mysore.  We are dishing up fresh fruit salads. Have it au naturale or with organic yoghurt, granola, nuts/seeds, and honey or agave. Not a fruit and seeds kind of person?  Try Rachel's special scrambled egg recipe.  Or, feel like a kid again with the tahini on toast loaded with banana and honey.

Don't worry if you're not an early bird, breakfast is available throughout the day.  Check out the menu on the cafe tables for more breakfast items and our selection of teas, illy coffees, and fresh made juices.

Introducing Detox Wednesdays!

We are offering a weekly treat for all you detox loving yogis out there.  This week is the start of Detox Wednesdays.  Enjoy our new Detox Salad or Detox Juice for just £2.50 all day every Wednesday starting June 15 (regular price £3.50). Pop into a morning hot yoga class, an evening detox flow, or start your day right with Mysore.

In the mix:

Cucumber, mint, ginger, apple, and milk thistle.  Leaving you feeling fresh from the inside out. Good for the kidneys, liver, stomach, and colon.

We've been growing a garden right at Camyoga.  Many of the herbs and greenery you eat in our cafe are as locally sourced as it gets.

Simple and cleansing.

In the mix:

fresh greens and herbs, served with a dressing of olive oil, lemon juice, fennel, crushed chilis, and s&p.

Post yoga perfection.


Soup, simply satisfying.

Coconut milk makes this broccoli soup a creamy delight without feeling heavy.  The Dandelion Cafe is always whipping up a fresh vegan soup.  Served with wholemeal bread or ciabatta, and a healthy dash of love, our soups satisfy.

Check our board each day to see what's on.