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New Yoga classes at Camyoga

We are introducing two new classes to our timetable starting next week. Our first addition to our new timetable is a new and an exciting Hot Yoga style called Hot Power Yoga. This new class will be taught by Hot Power Yoga specialist Zita Chen and will be taught every Monday from 6.15-7.30pm in our Hot Studio in Central Cambridge. If you are looking for an effective way of loosing some weight then you should give a Hot Power Yoga a go. It is claimed that those who do one class of Hot Power Yoga burn around 600 calories in that one single session. In addition to that, Hot Power Yoga helps to build flexible strength and will clean your body inside out - not to mentioned that you get to warms yourself up in this cold Cambridge weather.

Hot Power Yoga

Hot Power Yoga

Mondays 6.15-7.30PM with Zita Chen Book here

Our second new class is Family Yoga which will be hold every firs Saturday of each month from 11.30am to 12.45pm. Regular prices and memberships apply to adults. Kids under age of 15 are charged £6 or £10 if there are two kids in the family.

Family Yoga

Family Yoga

First Saturday of the Month 11.30-12.45PM Book here

Donation Weekend

Donation Weekend ProgramHaving raised over £2000 for our selected charities last year, this year we are holding not one, but two days ober the first weekend in January 2013!. The first is at Cambridge Central studio on Saturday the 5th of January and one in Shelford on Sunday the 6th. We have over 20 classes on during the weekend including some Hot Yoga and Beginners classes. Check our program to find out more. The selected charities for this year are:


'Since 1993, Camfed has educated girls and supported young women to help tackle poverty in rural communities. More than 1,940,700 children in the poorest areas of Ghana, Malawi, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe have benefited from our innovative education programs. Investing in girls and women is a proven way to improve the health and wealth of a whole nation.'

Arthur Rank Hospice

'Arthur Rank Hospice provides the best levels of specialist palliative care that touches the lives of more than 1000 patients each year.  Care and support also extends to patients’ family, friends and carers.'

Women for Women

'Women for Women International provides women survivors of war, civil strife and other conflicts with the tools and resources to move from crisis and poverty to stability and self-sufficiency, thereby promoting viable civil societies. We’re changing the world one woman at a time.'

Come along the first weekend in January and join us for a good cause.

The Camyoga Team

Say yes to Bikram Yoga!

Our Hot Studio Bikram Yoga has certainly become popular in the past few years within the UK. It’s popularity can be put down to the fact that one class of 90 mins combines the benefits of an intense body detoxication, increase in vitality and the ability to reduce stress. But be prepared - you will sweat through all layers of your clothing (including your underwear), thus bringing a change of clothes with you is a must! :)

The Hot Yoga offered at our centre is, as well as Bikram Choudhury’s practice, performed in a hot room of 35-38 degrees Celsius and has exactly the same effects and benefits. Unlike Bikram’s practice, Hot Yoga is not limited to the strict style of 26 postures but can include more flowing, vinyasa based practices or integrate challenging pilates postures.

Our Hot Yoga timetable brings you all of the mentioned styles and we’re even looking into introducing more types of Hot Yoga in the future.

See you soon,

The Camyoga team

Not much longer till our new Hot Studio is finished!

If you are one of ours hot yogis then you already noticed there are some changes happening to our Hot Yoga classes. We offer more classes throughout a week and we also introduced two new classes - Hot Pilates and Hot Flow. On top of that, we are in middle of preparing our very own special Hot Studio!

The final changes to Hot Studio will be happening at the weekend of 29th/30th September which unfortunately means that our studio will be closed for these two days, for which we apologise. But after that you all will be able to experience the power of the new system installed.

We will now have a trendy, green and more efficient Hot Studio thanks to a new state of the art infrared panel system and a new ventilation/extraction system. This means there will be no humidity in the classes but you will still feel the full benefits of the heat for Hot Yoga!

It is our intention to bring even more Hot Yoga and other Hot styles in the future!

We would like to add that we really appreciate your understanding and patience whilst we are implementing these changes and that we are thankful for all the feedbacks we received so far.

See you soon,

Camyoga team