Not much longer till our new Hot Studio is finished!

If you are one of ours hot yogis then you already noticed there are some changes happening to our Hot Yoga classes. We offer more classes throughout a week and we also introduced two new classes - Hot Pilates and Hot Flow. On top of that, we are in middle of preparing our very own special Hot Studio!

The final changes to Hot Studio will be happening at the weekend of 29th/30th September which unfortunately means that our studio will be closed for these two days, for which we apologise. But after that you all will be able to experience the power of the new system installed.

We will now have a trendy, green and more efficient Hot Studio thanks to a new state of the art infrared panel system and a new ventilation/extraction system. This means there will be no humidity in the classes but you will still feel the full benefits of the heat for Hot Yoga!

It is our intention to bring even more Hot Yoga and other Hot styles in the future!

We would like to add that we really appreciate your understanding and patience whilst we are implementing these changes and that we are thankful for all the feedbacks we received so far.

See you soon,

Camyoga team