Introducing Detox Wednesdays!

We are offering a weekly treat for all you detox loving yogis out there.  This week is the start of Detox Wednesdays.  Enjoy our new Detox Salad or Detox Juice for just £2.50 all day every Wednesday starting June 15 (regular price £3.50). Pop into a morning hot yoga class, an evening detox flow, or start your day right with Mysore.

In the mix:

Cucumber, mint, ginger, apple, and milk thistle.  Leaving you feeling fresh from the inside out. Good for the kidneys, liver, stomach, and colon.

We've been growing a garden right at Camyoga.  Many of the herbs and greenery you eat in our cafe are as locally sourced as it gets.

Simple and cleansing.

In the mix:

fresh greens and herbs, served with a dressing of olive oil, lemon juice, fennel, crushed chilis, and s&p.

Post yoga perfection.