Let Yourself Go

Like most people, I usually stick with what I like. Life gives us a sea of options and we are quite good at eliminating most of them. I step into a yoga class and take my mat to the same corner of the room (sound familiar?) I eat the caramel filled chocolates out of the box first. What I don't naturally do is step outside of my box. I find comfortable habits.

As we embrace spring, let's give ourselves permission to try new things and let go of the resistance that holds us back in life. Variety is the spice of life. Life is like a box of chocolates. You get the idea.

Try something new this week. Add some spice to your yoga practice and step into a new class. Maybe even put your mat down in an unfamiliar spot. When you are seated cross legged, cross the other way. Whoah...

Unleash yourself, perhaps not on a box of chocolates, but in other tantalizing ways.