Get Sweaty, Stay Clean

Spring is here and the sun is shining. Days like today make me feel like having a sweatier practice. I don't feel the need to be buried under layers of clothing and my skin is ready to breathe again! Back when I began my practice, I did Bikram (hot) yoga in Los Angeles. There wasn't much difference between indoor and outdoor temperatures actually. But even in my regular flow classes, the air was warm and sweating was natural. I used a Yogitoes skidless towel over my mat.

Sweating detoxifies the body and gives you that body glow. It can also make your hands and feet slippery. Down dog can feel even harder than normal as your hands and feet slide away from each other. Call it the ultimate bandha workout. The yogitoes towel is made to fit on your yoga mat (perfect length) and then stick to your mat with these useful little silicone nubs. Slippage no more.

In Flow classes and Ashtanga classes we generate heat within the body during the sun salutations. Sweating ensues. But you don't need to be sweating to get use out of this towel. It also acts as a hygienic layer between you and whatever yoga mat you happen to be using. This means you don't have to put your cheek where your hands and feet (or someone else's) have gone 500 times before. After class you just roll it up with your mat. Get home and throw it in the wash if you got it sweaty. Ahhh, sweaty practice, clean and fresh feeling. It can also act as a travel mat. It packs lighter and can be put on just about any surface.

Want to see one in action? Check out the video below. Krista Cahill, who you will see gracing the cover of Om Yoga & Lifestyle Magazine this month, flows on her Yogitoes towel. We sell them at Camyoga in a variety of colors.