Restorative Yoga: Teacher Spotlight on Beverley Nolan

Beverley has been working as a yoga teacher and somatic movement therapist for years in the Cambridge area.  Her deep understanding of anatomy and the human body creates a very healing and informative environment in her Hatha and restorative classes.

Restorative poses are all about letting go of the need to be doing something so the body can feel renewed with energy rather than drained.  In today's world our nervous systems are always on "go" mode with our compulsive need to be accomplishing or acquiring.  What happens when the muscles don'y have to work, the mind lets go, and even the cells of the body are allowed to release? Take a look at the video below to see what supta baddha konasana can be like. Then, experience for yourself in a restorative class.

Beverley is one of our teachers' teachers. She is a part of the Camyoga teacher training program. Come learn from the best.  Try restorative, Hatha, and meditation with Beverley.